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Employee Benefit Advisors provides pre-retirement public seminars for any federal employee desiring more complete information about the requirements, eligibility, coverage, and options of the CSRS and FERS Retirement Systems. These seminars also include our Federal Employee Benefit Analysis, which provides a personalized look at you individual retirement situation, upon request.


Our public seminars provide an excellent way for federal employees to ensure their federal retirement is optimized to provide maximum benefits at a minimum price. We focus only on federal benefits, so employees get the latest and most comprehensive information available. Frequently, we provide specific options and details that even HR departments often do not; and we promise exceptional instructors that take your needs into consideration.





This comprehensive seminar gives employees the knowledge and tools necessary to plan their successful transition to retirement. Attendees will receive our current Federal Benefits Sourcebook, a Web Resource Reference Guide, and upon request, individual retirement counseling and a personalized benefits analysis.




This seminar is designed for federal employees within 7-10 years of retirement.





Thrift Savings Plan


Contribution Limits

Fundamental Plans for Investing

History and Market Strategies

Withdrawal Options

Maximizing Accumulation

Using the L-Funds

Loans and Their Effect


Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance


Overview of Coverage

5 Categories of Coverage

Beneficiary Designation

Individual Examples

Cost Associtated with Coverage

Calculation, Function, Reduction

Federal Retirement Systems


Civil Service Retirement System

CSRS Offset

Disability Retirement

Early Retirement

Computation of Retirement Annuity

Survivor Benefit Plan

Federal Employees Retirement System

FERS Transfer

Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Controller and Firefighter Retirement

Deposits and Redeposits

Re-employed Anuitants


Social Security


FERS Social Security "Supplemental"

How to Estimate Payments and Tax

Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

Social Security Retirement Tables


Federal Employees Health Benefits


5 Year Window Before Retirement

How the Survivor Benefit Plan Effects FEHB

Post-Retirement FEHB


Federal Long Term Care Insurance