The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) is a voluntary program which provides protection against the cost of health care services for federal employees and their families. It also includes coverage for prolonged illness or serious accidents. The cost of FEHB premiums is shared by federal workers and the government.




The features and benefits of the FEHB program are unmatched. Coverage is open to almost all federal civilian employees on a voluntary basis. Protection does not require a medical examination and there are no restrictions because of age, current health, or pre-existing medical conditions.


Benefits begin on the date of hire, meaning there is no waiting period. The government subsidizes between 72% and 75% of the cost, allowing federal employees more cost-effective solutions than they will find with commercial insurance providers.


There are currently around 280 health plans covered in the FEHB program. 10 of those programs are national plans. The majority of the rest are health maintenance organizations or HMOs.


Health insurance benefits can continue after retirement if you retire under certain conditions and meet designated requirements. Lastly, the government continues to provide the same extraordinary level of premium participation in retirement.




We see none! Employee Benefit Advisors is unwavering in our support and endorsement of FEHB.

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CSRS/FERS Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars are two day courses that include an individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis. Course also includes our Federal Benefits Sourcebook.


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We conduct onsite or offsite, CSRS only, FERS only, or CSRS/FERS combined. We offer Early Career Retirement Planning, Mid-Career Retirement Planning and Pre-Retirement Planning. Our seminars can be further customized to meet the needs of special retirement types such as Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters. Seminars include our Federal Benefits Sourcebook and an individual consultation and benefit analysis for all attendees*.


Individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis

We can conduct an individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis for you, and offer a one-on-one consultation* to review the results and discuss your options.

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