Employees in the CSRS Offset, Disability, and Special Groups categories are subject to very specific rules regarding their retirement annuities. Each of these three groups has different rules than either CSRS or FERS employees. Regardless of the retirement system that covers an employee, every federal employee is eligible for disability retirement provided specific criteria are met.




The CSRS Offset program offers coverage to those federal employees who left service for more than a year but who were rehired after 1983. Disability Retirement is available for CSRS employees with just five years of creditable service and for FERS employees with as little as 18 months service. Special Groups include personnel such as law enforcement officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers, military reserve technicians, legislative officials and their employees, and federal judges.


Each of these three retirement groups have unique features, but in general, they offer more favorable retirement age restrictions and service rules than other federal employee retirements. CSRS Offset employees often receive the most favorable retirement benefits simply because of the combination of CSRS and Social Security. Special Groups often have rigorous physical demands which place a premium on retaining youthful, vigorous employees so they have mandatory retirement in their 50’s. Among other benefits federal judges receive significantly reduced costs for survivor annuities.




Retirement rules are different for CSRS Offset and Special Groups; it is generally more difficult to calculate the financial impact of these rules on retirement, but Employee Benefit Advisors can help. As a CSRS Offset or Special Groups employee you will face several difficult decisions that will affect your post-retirement quality of life. Our Federal Employee Benefit Analysis will provide you with an accurate projection of your retirement annuity and benefits plus a thorough examination of your options to help you make the right choices for your future.

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CSRS/FERS Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars are two day courses that include an individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis. Course also includes our Federal Benefits Sourcebook.


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We conduct onsite or offsite, CSRS only, FERS only, or CSRS/FERS combined. We offer Early Career Retirement Planning, Mid-Career Retirement Planning and Pre-Retirement Planning. Our seminars can be further customized to meet the needs of special retirement types such as Law Enforcement, Air Traffic Controllers, and Firefighters. Seminars include our Federal Benefits Sourcebook and an individual consultation and benefit analysis for all attendees*.


Individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis

We can conduct an individual Federal Employee Benefit Analysis for you, and offer a one-on-one consultation* to review the results and discuss your options.

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*Individual retirement consultations currently available in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, D.C.